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Beyond Horizon

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Minecraft Server Description
Beyond Horizon is prepared to carry over the buildings and chests of
its members. Join us now and start building right away without
worrying about a wipe for 1.9!!

Beyond Horizon is a Privately owned & operated Minecraft SMP (Survival
Multi-Player) Server. We strive to create the best survival experience
possible. With the help of a active moderator team and amazing
members, this server has pushed itself to the top of every ranking

Feel free to join our server & explore the world. We don’t have world
limits. You can roam out as far as you’d like. Maybe go to find Minas
Tirith out in the 84,000 coordinates! Or you can settle in a member
owned town after you’ve applied for build rights.

But keep in mind, as a drifter (guest), you will have limited
interaction with the world.

Make sure you first finish the Library Maze in-game & read the Server
Rules. And when you are ready, submit an application on our website by
clicking on the “Apply Here” button.

Server Stats
• Dedicated streamlined Quad Core Server
• 64 bit Linux Operating System
• 16gb Buffered Ram
• Dedicated T3 Connection
• All files are backed on a different drive
• Low Global Ping!

Server Features
• Free Roam!
• Free Build!
• Dedicated Website!
• Mumble Server!
• Griefing/Hacking Protection!
• Mature Community!
• Full Bukkit Support!
• Dedicated Staff!
• PvP Factions!
• Server Events!

Beyond Horizon Minecraft Server

Beyond Horizon Minecraft Server

Beyond Horizon Minecraft Server

21 Responses to Beyond Horizon

  1. Serendipitee says:

    Great server, with lots of BIG plans for the official release!
    Build today, and bring it with you to the offical launch of the game!

  2. Ghost1227 says:

    Lots of new stuff is going on right now, between the game update, the structure transfers, and a whole lot of new goodies for the users… this server just keeps getting more epic! Why aren’t you on it yet???

  3. squaremunch says:

    this server had random honeypots underground…. very annoying. i randomly got banned when digging a mineshaft also they have very little content, as of the full version they have maybe 2 buildings and the spawn transfered over…
    overall pretty lame to have random honeypots

  4. lostintime says:

    Awesome server! The arena contests are the best O_o The server is fair and always taken care of by the mods. Very little down time. Hands down THE BEST server I have ever played on!

  5. MrChubs says:

    I’ve been looking for a minecraft server to play on. I just recently bought minecraft and have been playing with single player quite a bit, I think I’m ready to jump into minecraft multiplayer! It gets so lonely in single player.

  6. creepthenight says:

    I couldn’t imagine myself on any other server. It has been amazing to work with so many different people and see the amazing things they have built, and what kind of MC player they are. The admins, GMs, recruiters, and so forth are always here to help, and always take our ideas into considerations. The plugins provide a unique survival experience, the events are often and REWARDING, and so forth.
    I’m addicted!

  7. Ashley tonks says:

    hello can you add me to the white list and could you please give me the IP adress many thanks :) my username is XxTonksxX

  8. LeoCurtss says:

    I seriously love this server. I’ve been playing her for months and it is really, really awesome. It has a great staff and it’s a very mature community! If you are looking for a permanent server to join, this is the one!

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