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How to Load Minecraft Texture Packs

Getting tired of the same old Minecraft world graphics and looking for something new? Something with more style, personality, a twinge of dark, moodiness? You need to load a new Minecraft texture pack into your copy of Minecraft!

What is a Texture Pack?

Texture packs in Minecraft don’t alter anything about the game, other than the graphics you see when walking around in Minecraft. You can replace these graphics and make the entire world of Minecraft look different.

1st Step: Find a Texture Pack

( 1. ) First, pick a texture pack you would like to use in Minecraft. There are several places to look for textures; we’d recommend starting to look for Minecraft texture packs here.

( 2. ) Once you have a texture pack you like or want to try out, download it.

2nd Step: Installing the Texture Pack

Window Method
( 1. ) Once you have downloaded the texture pack, you’ll need a .zip extractor program like WinRar.

( 2. ) Click on the start bar. Go to “run.” If you’re on Windows XP, type “%appdata%\.minecraft\bin” and if you’re in Windows Vista or 7, type “C:\Users\*YourUserName*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin”

( 3. ) If you have done this correctly, a folder will open up. Inside the folder, you’ll find a file called minecraft.jar.

( 4. ) Right click it, and a menu will pop up. Choose, “Open with…” and choose “WinRar Archiver.” This will open up WinRar and show you a folder with a bunch of folders and .png files.

( 5. ) Drag and drop the files from the texture pack straight into WinRar. This will replace the texture files inside and you’re good to go!

Mac Method
( 1. ) Download the zip file (don’t extract it) or compress a texture pack folder into a zip file.

( 2. ) Open a finder window.

( 3. ) Navigate to your username folder, then “library”, then “application support”, then “minecraft”, then “texturepacks”.

( 4. ) Drop the texture pack in this folder and you’re good to go!

If This Mac Method Doesn’t Work, Teddy in the comments listed this other way to add texture packs which works too:

( 1. ) Go start up Minecraft.

( 2. ) Choose “Mods/Texture Packs”.

( 3. ) Click on “Open Texture Packs Folder”.

( 4. ) Close Minecraft.

( 5. ) Drag the texture pack, the whole .zip, in to the folder Minecraft just opened up for you.

( 6. ) Open up Minecraft, click on “Mods/Texture Packs”, then there should be another selection option other than the “default” option. Click on that option.

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  1. mary says:

    i did everything but when i click on the open texturepack folder on minecraft, nothing happens. nothing comes up and it doesn’t change.

  2. abcd says:

    I have a Mac, and I can not get it to open. I always get a Textedit pack when I click download. How do I open up a folder?

  3. XxBedhead says:

    I have WinRar and ive downloaded the texture pack, but when im stuck on step 2, i did it correctly and it is saying that there is still a problem, someone PLEASE help

  4. Latisha says:

    Ok I’ve done everything correctly and It’s works… except for Language… It’s in Japanese. I tried to set it to English but It won’t work. Works on any other language but English. I even deleted and re downloaded MC. I also went to the lang folder and deleted all other language except English, but when I log in, it goes to black background. Please help.

  5. boerseun says:

    II GOT WINRAR And did the instuctions then i went to minecraft and went on open texture packs i opend the folder then it just shows pictures and stuff

  6. Something Wrong I think says:

    I did everything correctly and I’m using texture pack but I can’t change it back to normal.Default pack is changed as ”Portal Pack”(I downloaded portal pack)Please let me know what did I do wrong.And please forgive my sentences.I’m Turkish

  7. craftsman_gurgi says:

    my minecraft texture packs are there but they are grey so i clicked on them and go into a game but the default still there even though pack is selected and its grey in the packs menu… help maybe?

  8. Jenn says:

    I did all that stuff right and i went to mincreaft for free and it said open texture pack folder so i clicked it and clicked the folders but nothing happend what should i do?

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